The Health Benefits of House Plants: From Improving Mental Health to Boosting Productivity

The Health Benefits of House Plants: From Improving Mental Health to Boosting Productivity

Whether it’s a Monstera Deliciosa, Dracaena, or Peace Lily, an array of green foliage can add a whole lot more than just aesthetic to your humble abode. From improving mental health to boosting productivity, we’re sharing the health benefits of house plants and why they need to be incorporated into your home. So, if you’re looking to brighten up all your cozy spaces and enhance your most sacred places (your body and mind), keep reading!

Health Benefits of House Plants

Improve Mental Health

Out of all the health benefits of house plants, the ability to improve mental health is perhaps the most noteworthy, especially during these unprecedented times.

Now you may be thinking… how is this so? Recall a time that you’ve gone for walks and have immersed yourself in nature. You’ve most likely felt at ease when doing so and the reason for this is because we instinctively feel happier when we’re outdoors, surrounded by blooming florals, bountiful plants, and beautiful fields of endless green. In these vast areas, you’re free of the hustle and bustle of city life and detached from hectic to-do lists and lengthy boardroom meetings. Simply put, you’re at ease and at peace. And when you’re surrounded by plants in your own private space, these feelings are likely to occur and often do, despite being indoors. Who knew that some of the earth’s most natural life forms could take away daily stressors just by hanging in a corner or positioned on a countertop?

Boost Immunity

If you didn’t already know, your immune system plays a vital role in your overall health, as it works to protect your body from harmful bacteria and cells. But what you may not know is that plants can naturally boost immunity, so before you dart to the grocery store to load up on citrus fruits and vitamin B6 capsules, try incorporating a few flourishing friends into your home.

Plants release phytoncides and other airborne chemicals that help reduce the amount of stress we feel on both our mind and body. And when we’re relaxed, our immune system is naturally boosted. This is why many often fall ill when they’re under pressure, as stress suppresses the immune system, making it easier for viruses to pounce on our vulnerable state. So, the next time you walk by the common areas of senior residences or lobbies of hospitals, look around… you’ll surely spot a plethora of potted plants. This is because plants have been proven to help people recover from illnesses faster. Cool, we know!

Improve Air Quality

Just in case anyone else tries to tell you otherwise…

It can be difficult to get proper, ventilated air in our homes. This is because toxins are more easily trapped indoors, even if you’re continuously letting in outdoor air that’s fresh and breezy. But during more frigid seasons, you’re less likely to crack open a window, so polluted air is what you’re breathing in more frequently. The solution? Plants! The chemicals plants release help improve air quality as much as they help boost immunity, which lowers the risk of developing infections that affect our lungs and compromise our overall chest health. But do keep in mind that enhanced air quality is dependent on the size and quantity of plants in your home, so that one Boston Fern in your bedroom may not accomplish much. To make a solid difference, you need at least six to eight medium to large plants.

Boost Productivity

They say you should focus on being productive instead of busy and one way to boost productivity is by integrating a few plants into your workspace. As we’ve mentioned, plants provide a sense of tranquility and when both your mind and body are relaxed, you’re able to tackle the tasks you have at hand with ease. 

Thanks to their phytonutrients, plants help to settle the mind, making tasks not only easier to focus on but more enjoyable to complete. They also provide all-around comfort, too. If you were to group a bunch of students in a room for a study session, chances are they’d concentrate better in a space that’s well-lit and booming with greenery compared to one that’s bleak and contains nothing more than desks and chairs. So, the next time you’re planning an all-nighter, ensure you have a few brain-fueling bevvies and flourishing buds around you to help boost memory and keep you focused and motivated.

Simply put, the relationship between people and plants can be truly unbe-leaf-able. So, the next time you enter the home of someone who has cute cacti and spiky succulents in every nook and cranny, you can appreciate that they take not only interior decorating seriously, but their wellbeing too. If you’ve enjoyed learning the health benefits of house plants and are looking into purchasing one or five (we don’t judge), follow us on socials and let us know which green gems you’ll be on the lookout for during your next trip to your local garden center or home improvement retailer. Until next time!