The story of My Organic Zone

In 2015, Vio, an entrepreneurial man had an idea to try his hand at a special new venture with his son Victor. After loads of research and effort, the Health and Beauty space really stuck out, and was one that his son Victor was very passionate about.

What started as a distribution company quickly turned into a passion project of sorts. In the early days, the company focused on purchasing health products from various brands and selling them, but this quickly changed.

Instead of selling other brands' products, the father and son duo decided to create their own very first product. After some trial and error, the two managed to settle on their flagship product. This ended up being the Dead Sea Mud Mask, a facial clay mask that helps to unclog pores and keep skin soft.

After receiving a great amount of positive feedback, the two founded My Organic Zone, a company with a basic vision in mind; to provide the highest quality natural skincare products to anyone, no matter who they were. This birthed their slogan or mantra; "Natural. Affordable. Quality.”, one that they carry with them today as the family business continues to reach new heights.

Today, My Organic Zone has kept its promise of providing natural and affordable skincare to all, especially those looking to glow up. Now carrying 14 organic skincare products, the two owners have introduced MOZ Organics, a new and improved skincare line that's also sustainable. From recycled plastics to packaging, the company is really hoping to lessen their overall footprint as they continue to expand.

What started as an experiment quickly turned into a passion. Today, the two owners' roles have grown and evolved over time, but their mission remains constant. The family business hopes to continue navigating the ever-changing beauty (and one day health) industry while striving to keep their original promise of: natural, affordable, quality.