Sustainable Skincare: The Importance of Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

Sustainable Skincare: The Importance of Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

In recent years, there’s been a global shift in the ways large corporations choose to operate, implementing more eco-friendly and sustainable practices into the manufacturing and distribution of their products, and it’s no surprise that beauty brands have begun to follow suit. But what exactly is sustainability and what does it mean in the world of skincare? Keep reading to learn more about sustainable skincare, the importance of eco-friendly beauty products, and the efforts My Organic Zone is making to become a more environmentally conscious brand.

What is Sustainability and Why Choose Sustainable Skincare?

When something is sustainable, it means that it can be maintained at a certain level or rate and does not compromise the needs of those who will remain on this earth after we are long gone. Simply put, the goal is to avoid complete depletion of our natural resources and strive for ecological stability. So, what does this mean in the beauty world?

Sustainable skincare means just this: choosing skincare that is not only good for you, but also good and safe for our planet. By committing to products that help reduce the size of your carbon footprint, you are doing your part in caring for and maintaining the sustainability of the environment. And when it comes to choosing sustainable skincare brands and products…

So, like, choose wisely. No pressure.

How-To Choose Sustainable Skincare Products

Ingredient labels are the first thing you want to have a look at when choosing sustainable skincare products. Are the ingredients natural or easily grown or does the product contain harmful contaminants, additives, and chemicals? If a product has “organic” on their packaging but you notice that the words “parabens” and “phthalates” are embedded within their ingredient label, put it down and never look back. A lot of the time this is done as a profitable business move and not as a sustainable practice, so always keep your eyes peeled for brands that try and sell themselves as eco-friendly.

Products that are, in fact, eco-friendly will be certified vegan and/or organic, cruelty-free, and non-toxic. Another thing to consider is how skincare products are packaged. Are they ethically sourced and developed? Are they compostable and biodegradable? Are they shipped in smaller envelopes or boxes? Are they made of glass or metal (which are the easiest recyclable materials, btw)? If you’ve checked off a couple or all of these when examining products, you’ve more than likely come across a skincare brand that incorporates sustainable practices into their packaging. So, you might be thinking… which skincare brands offer eco-friendly products and sustainable packaging?

MOZ’s New Eco-Friendly Products

Go green and get clean with MOZ’s new eco-friendly products! We’re excited to announce that we’ll be launching some new eco-friendly products and accessories in the coming months! The first product will be our Eco Green Wrinkle Control Cream, which will be similar to our Retinol Cream, and will contain organic ingredients but not retinol.

The next is our Eco Green Eye Cream that’ll help control dark circles and undereye puffiness! And lastly, our current Hyaluronic Acid Serum will be updated to be a whole lot more hydrating and will contain various forms of the HAS molecule, allowing it to deliver moisture to the surface, middle, and deepest layers of skin. Sound good? Well, it’s about to get a lot better!

MOZ also wants to start giving back and we’re making it our goal to have a percentage of all website sales go to environmental charities/organizations, which we’re currently deciding on, but rest assured that once a choice is made, we’ll be sharing it with all of you! In the meantime, you can shop our current lineup of products, sets, and accessories here.

MOZ’s Sustainable Packaging Initiative

Say farewell to less plastic packaging and hello to a longer-living planet! The inclusion of eco-friendly products in our brand is a great step to achieving environmental sustainability but what’re products without reusable and recyclable packaging?! MOZ will be making eco-friendly hemp and cotton reusable travel pouches/storage baggies available in two sizes (small and large) that can be added-on to any item(s) upon checkout and included as an option for a gift with purchase or in giveaways we host on our social channels.

We’ll also be introducing new eco-friendly product packaging starting with our Dead Sea Mud Mask and Arabica Coffee Scrub, which will feature matte black jars that’ll be made from fully recycled material. And our new eco green products (which will contain over 75% organic content) will be equipped with fully recycled dispensing mechanisms! Oh, and that’s not all. Our current Face Mask Brush will be replaced by a new brush made with bamboo and sustainable bristles. Super exciting stuff, we know!

The Bottom Line

Sustainability isn’t just a value. It’s a vision for the future. And when we decide to exercise more environmentally conscious consumerism and start low waste living, we’re helping to protect and preserve our human and ecological health, which is pretty darn dope when ya think about it! With that said, we hope you enjoyed learning about sustainable skincare and the importance of eco-friendly beauty products. And always remember: