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Rose Quartz Roller


Made from Natural Rose Quartz Stone

ThisĀ face rollerĀ helps as a lymphatic drainage massage tool. Unlike a jade roller, the rose quartz roller improves puffy skin, helps with anti-inflammation, and can improve the plumpness of your skin. Use this face massage tool on its own or pair it with a skin serum of face cream for improved absorption.

This natural stone face roller can be used either by itself or combined with natural skin serums & toners. Using a combination of products such as these organic skin moisturizers will help promote quicker & more effective absorption.

How to use a rose quartz facial roller in your skincare routine:Ā 

1. Before using, make sure that skin & roller are cleansed.
2. There are two ways to go about starting your rolling process. Once the face is fully cleansed & dry you can begin. Alternatively, add a few drops of skin serum to face before rolling for easier use & improved absorption.
3. Start rolling from the center of the face, around the eyes & cheekbones. Use short gentle strokes moving towards the outside of the face and stop at the hairline.
4. Progress down towards the jaw & chin area.
5. Roll in & out above the eyebrows & across the forehead. Make sure to use the smaller roller around the eyes for extra care.


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Rose Quartz Roller