Skincare for Swimmers: How to Keep Acne at Bay Before and After a Sun-Filled Day

Skincare for Swimmers: How to Keep Acne at Bay Before and After a Sun-Filled Day

Now that summer’s here, many of us are ready to get back into the swim of things. And although this popular activity can benefit your overall health, it’s important to remember that frequent dips in chlorine-filled water can contribute to acne, both on your face and body.

Chlorine may be essential for the maintenance of personal and public swimming pools, but its pore-opening effects can cause dryness, irritation, redness, and more. To help keep acne at bay before and after a sun-filled day, we’ve created a short and sweet list of some pre and post swim tips to help keep your skin looking fresh to depth all summer!

Cleanse with Cool Water (Pre-Swim)

Showering before stepping into a pool may seem pointless but giving your face and body a quick cool water cleanse will ensure your skin cells are hydrated. And because your skin cells are hydrated, they won’t soak up as much chlorine! But why bathe in cool temps? Doing so isn’t necessary, but it’ll make your initial dip less shocking to your body, since your skin has already gotten a dose of cool before stepping into a pool!

Prep Skin (Pre-Swim)

Many of us are in dire need of some serious vitamin sea but hey, our Vitamin C Serum is close enough (at least in name). You want to initially prep your skin with this cleansing and revitalizing confidant before you step into the sun, as it helps to neutralize free radicals. Next step?

Listen to this youthful queen and slather on that sunscreen! Applying a solid, waterproof sunscreen with a high SPF is imperative for avid swimmers because it forms a protective barrier, which helps protect against harmful sunrays and reduce chlorine’s drying effects. And while many believe only oily skin jumpstarts acne, think again.

When our skin is severely sunburnt, it can easily become dry, flaky, and irritated, which can lead to acne, both on our faces and bodies. How? When the sun sucks all the life out of you, including your face and body’s natural oils, its natural response is to produce more oil, sending your sebaceous glands into oil production overdrive. Mo’ sebum? Mo’ acne problems.

Hydrate with H20 (Pre + Post Swim)

Drink your H20, friends. After all, it’s a waterful life. Guzzling down water is a skin tip to follow year-round, but it’s especially important to do before, after, and even during summer activities like swimming.

When your body’s properly hydrated, it won’t turn to chlorine for extra moisture, because it doesn’t take on more hydration than it needs. To ensure both proper skin and overall body health, make sure you’re keeping water close by and sippin’ on it frequently!

Cleanse with Warm Water (Post-Swim)

Cleansing right after a dip, or any physical activity, is imperative. Try cleansing your face and washing your body as soon as you can. You don’t want the pool’s chemicals to be chilling on your skin longer than they have to! Starting your shower off with warm water allows your pores to open, making it easier to eliminate all that has made its way into your skin. Then to help tighten those pores back up, switch to cooler water.

Refresh + Repair Skin (Post-Swim)

To ensure happy and healthy skin, moisturize your body after a good swim. But your face is sure to crave some serious post-swim R and R too, so we’re here to help you give your pores what they need (and deserve). After cleansing, refresh your skin with our Rose Water Toner, which’ll help to moisturize, revitalize, and hydrate. Then follow up with our Salicylic Acid Serum to draw out excess oil and prevent blackheads, while it calms and soothes your skin. And although our acne serum can be used both morning and night, using it post-swim is best as salicylic acid, one of its primary ingredients, can make your skin extra sensitive to the sun. Finish up with our repairing Retinol Cream, which’ll also help hydrate and soften, minimize breakouts and acne, and more!

Wash Your Swimwear (Post-Swim)

It’s important to care for your swimwear just as you care for your skin, as doing so helps to prevent body acne. To avoid sealing chemicals, perspiration, and other body oils into your suits, ensure that you’re washing your swimwear post-swim. It’s as simple as that!

And that’s all there is to it! A simple guide that combines passionate swimming and protective skincare. We hope you had a splashing good time reading it. Now go enjoy a dip and let your acne worries (and any others) drift away!