Six Acne-Causing Foods: From Sweet Treats to Processed Meats

Six Acne-Causing Foods: From Sweet Treats to Processed Meats

Dipped sprinkle doughnuts. Piping hot pizza. Fried chicken fajitas. Ah, the good stuff. But as much as these foods taste good, they can do a whole lot of bad, especially for your skin. Your diet plays a significant role in your skin’s overall health and appearance, so it’s important to know which drinks, desserts, and other decadent meals may trigger unwanted breakouts.

From sweet treats to processed meats, we’re covering six acne-causing foods to avoid overindulging in.

Six Acne-Causing Foods


Ugh, who doesn’t love this sweet treat a whole choco-lot?! Okay, so this one’s a little sticky, as dermatologists and researchers aren’t entirely certain if chocolate causes acne. However, the milks, sugars, and fatty ingredients that infuse these sweet treats may be the culprits. So, it’s possible that chocolate, which can have pro-inflammatory influences on the skin, may result in acne. It’s important to note that chocolate, whether white, milk, or dark, may trigger breakouts for some, but not for others. But it’s better to be safe than sorry, so we advise you don’t pull a Bruce Bugtrotter binge on a regular basis to prevent any friends from popping up (literally).

Fast Food

Like chocolate, research shows that routinely forking down fast food can trigger unfriendly breakouts, but it’s not certain. However, if they’re high glycemic foods and/or sources of dairy, there’s a greater chance the savoury bagels and cheeseburgers you have a love affair with are going to turn against your skin. Oily, fried, and other processed products can also alter your body’s hormonal levels, which can lead to acne development.

Dairy Products

High amounts of dairy can sometimes leave your skin in udder chaos.

Studies have shown that hormones in dairy and other milk proteins such as casein can cause acne. But think twice before you decide to make the switch to skim milk to avoid breakouts! When the fat from whole milk is removed, more of these proteins must be added to ensure its thicker and less watery. This may welcome a better taste, but it can trigger a facial frenzy if you’re not careful. Instead, opt for moo juice substitutes such as cashew, almond, or coconut milk.

Whey Protein Powder

No, whey! Protein powder can also provoke pimples? Say it ain’t so! Whey, another type of milk protein, can be just as problematic for skin, especially because it’s a pure and concentrated form. It’s also a rich source of two amino acids: leucine and glutamine. These acids make skin cells grow and divide quickly and can signal to the body to produce higher levels of insulin, both of which can increase a person’s chance of breaking out.

Refined Grains + Sugars

Maple syrup. White pasta. Sugary cereal. These are just a few of the foods that are loaded with refined carbohydrates and if you’re not careful, your skin can become just as loaded, but with acne. How? Simply put, these carbs love your blood, so much that they absorb pretty darn quickly into your red flow, raising your body’s sugar levels. Your insulin levels then rise to help transport the sugars from your bloodstream and into your cells. But high insulin levels can create some skin havoc. They also raise androgen levels, which stimulate sebum production, and we know what that means…

Non-Organic Meat

Eating a lot of non-organic meat can be a big mis-steak for your skin. Most if not all unnatural meat contains unhealthy and harmful levels of antibiotics and hormones. And if inorganic pork, beef, and poultry are continuously ingested, our bodies will begin to struggle with finding the right balance between good and bad digestive bacteria. And when some funky thangs are going on down in our stomachs, they’re sure to show up top on the surface of our skin.

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The Bottom Line

Listen to what your skin is telling you. If you find that red papules and ready-to-pop pustules are overpopulating your face, think twice before grabbing a creamy slice of cheesecake or polishing off a pulled pork sammie from a food truck. While items such as these are fine to enjoy in moderation, consuming them regularly may be the cause not only for your discomforted stomach but also discontented skin.