Bamboo Face Mask Brush - Enhance Skincare Application for face clays

Face Mask Brush


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easy applications + no mess


Our face mask brush is reusable and easy to maintain. Simply rinse it with warm water after each use and let it air dry. It will be ready for your next use, helping you apply your face mask with ease and convenience.


Skincare Concerns: General Cleansing, Acne Reduction, Redness, Pore Cleansing
Created with: Organic Bamboo Handle, Eco-Friendly Bristles
Products to use with: Dead Sea Mud Mask, Face Masks, Makeup SKU: MOZ-FMB-01
UPC: 628504045312

Recycle 101

1. Rinse + dry: rinse out empty containers to remove any remaining product residue and let it dry

2. Remove labels: all of our jars, bottles, tubes and outer packaging can be recycled with your normal recyclable content. Make sure to separate paper and labels beforehand to make the recycling process easier. Remember, recycling rules can vary depending where you live, so don't forget to brush up on your local guidelines!

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Face Cleanser: Purify Pores, Remove Dead Skin Cells

Dead sea mud mask

Meet your pores new bestie. It's a gentle clay mask that will latch onto all the gunk + bad stuff that can build up in your skin over time.