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Ingredients you can trust

Kona Coffee

Not just your morning wake-up call, but a caffeinated kick for your skin that exfoliates, brightens, and tightens, making it as perky as your first sip. Let your skin sip on this Hawaiian brew for a smooth, radiant glow that says 'aloha' to dullness.

Sweet Almond Oil

The skin whisperer, gliding over your dermis with the grace of a ballet dancer, nourishing deeply without the greasy encore. It's your skin's best kept secret, turning every application into a moment of pure, sweet bliss.

Dead Sea Salt

Diving into your skincare routine with the mineral mastery that rivals the legendary fountain of youth. It's like a mineral spa treatment in your own home, detoxifying and rejuvenating your skin, leaving it as buoyant and clear as the Dead Sea itself.


Questions about our coffee scrub

Where do I use this?

We highly recommend giving this a try in the shower! You want your skin to be damp or wet when applying this product. We find that gently rubbing in circular motions around your entire body while shower will help you get the most effects while making the least mess!

Why is it so abrasive?

Our scrub is meant to help you exfoliate the outer layer of dead skin while also adding organic oils into your fresh layer underneath. This will leave you with much softer skin, but in order to get there, we think the product needs to be a tad bit more "sand-like" in nature.