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My Organic Zone

Face Mask Brush


Made from Natural Bamboo

This Eco-Friendly Face Mask Brush was made to make your skincare applications as easy as possible! The soft bristles work well with products like face masks and cleansers to ensure that you get the most out of every application.

Reusable + quick to clean

Our brush is reusable and can be maintained easily. After applying your face mask, simply rinse it off in some warm running water and let it sit to dry. It will be there waiting for you the next time you want to apply your face mask again.Ā 

Skincare Concerns:Ā General Cleansing, Acne Reduction, Redness, Pore Cleansing
Created with:Ā Organic Bamboo Handle, Eco-Friendly Bristles
Products to use with:Ā Dead Sea Mud Mask, Face Masks, Makeup


Organic skin care products with the most natural ingredients. It's really that simple.


You shouldn't have to pay top dollar for cosmetics. We all deserve to have healthy glowing skin.


The highest quality we can possibly provide at the best prices. You deserve simple results.

Face Mask Brush