Why You Should Incorporate Coffee into Your Skincare Routine: Just Brew It

Why You Should Incorporate Coffee into Your Skincare Routine: Just Brew It

A cup of Joe to start your day? Definitely. A natural fertilizer for your garden? Sure, why not. An exfoliant for your face and body? No way! Really?

Yep, that’s right! Not only can coffee give you a boost of energy or provide essential nutrients to your plants, but it can also benefit your skin when applied topically. So today, we’re sharing why and how to incorporate coffee into your skincare routine. To learn the benefits of this beverage and how our organic coffee scrub can help you achieve bright and brew-tiful skin, keep reading!

Benefits of Coffee for Skin

Whether in bean, ground, extract, or liquid form, coffee has an abundance of beauty benefits. So, pour yourself a cold or hot brew and get ready to learn what coffee on skin can do for you!


Next time you’re ready to toss your coffee grounds into the trash, try incorporating them into your self-care routine instead. Coffee, in raw, ground form removes dead skin cells, reduces the appearance of excess fat cells (aka cellulite), and rejuvenates circulation, leaving behind shiny and supple skin. This is best achieved via a scrub, as the tiny granules provide the most effective exfoliation.

Nourishes + Soothes + Calms

Fun fact: Coffee is loaded with powerful antioxidants, which help prevent premature aging and combat damaging free radicals. Simply put, coffee is a beauty confidant you want on your side when trying to protect, plump, and perfect skin. Another benefit of coffee is that it helps soothe and calm inflamed and irritated skin. The flavonoids in coffee, which have antioxidant effects, not only help treat redness but also prevent sunburn and photo-aging. It also works wonders on chapped skin, which is perfect for reviving dry lips!

Brightens + Tightens

Just like the welcoming scent of a freshly brewed pot of coffee wakes your senses and instantly improves your mood, it does the same when applied to your skin due to coffee’s stimulating properties. These properties work to increase blood flow, helping skin to appear radiant and revived. Serums, creams, and scrubs that contain coffee also help to dehydrate fat cells, causing them to shrink. When this is achieved, tighter and toned skin is the result!

Reduces Under-Eye Bags + Dark Circles

Okay, don’t go pour piping hot coffee around your eyes in the hopes of appearing more youthful… Instead, apply a caffeinated eye cream, which helps restrict blood flow and reduce swelling. With antioxidants and vitamins such as vitamin E, creams and serums containing coffee hydrate and tighten the delicate skin under eyes. And because the area under our eyes is a lymphatic channel that doesn’t drain properly, coffee works to dilate blood vessels and remove the water that can contribute to dark circles. So, say goodbye to puffy eyes that are dark and glooming and ones that are bright and glowing.

MOZ Arabica Coffee Scrub

We sure do love our coffee scrub a latté! If you’re looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, cellulite, and stretch marks and improve skin swelling, inflammation, and redness, this caffeinated gem is for you. Our highly rated Arabica Coffee Scrub with Dead Sea Salt and Shea Butter cleanses and exfoliates skin to help remove dirt, bacteria, and dead skin cells, leaving behind a fresher, younger, and healthier complexion! To incorporate this product into your routine, follow these three easy steps on a regular basis:

Step One:

Scoop out a generous handful of this caffeinated confidant and apply it to either wet or dry skin.

Step Two:

To yield the best results, rub this product in gentle, circular motions as if you were pampering yourself with a little at-home massage.

Step Three:

Rinse the scrub off with water and follow-up with your favorite facial moisturizer and/or body lotion.

Please Note: This scrub shouldn’t be applied to open wounds and/or cuts and is for external use only. To learn what customers are saying about this product and how to get your hands on one (or three), click here.

That’s all for today, friends! This drink surely beans a lot to us and we’re hoping it does for you now that you’ve learned its beauty benefits. And if you’re thinking about incorporating not only coffee but our soothing and nourishing scrub into your skincare routine, just brew it. You won’t regret doing so!