Six Simple Self-Care Ideas to Celebrate This Year’s National Lazy Day

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Hey there, how’s it glowin’? The last time we spoke about a celebratory event, we covered the International Day of Yoga and shared simple yet fun ways to create your own at-home yoga space just in time to commemorate the zen occasion. Today, we’re chatting about another special (and laidback) day you can easily enjoy and one that your body and mind can surely benefit from. Keep reading for our six simple self-care ideas to celebrate this year’s National Lazy Day!

What + When is National Lazy Day?

National Lazy Day takes place every August tenth and is a day to do the bare minimum, put your self-care first, and enjoy the little things we often take for granted and/or can’t always make time for. Although this isn’t a historic occasion marked by monumental achievements or an event hosted by government officials and notable activists worldwide, it still deserves a moment of recognition and of course, celebration! After all, that’s why we’ve decided to chat about it! We hope that by doing so, you’ll remember to take some much-needed downtime tomorrow to unwind and recuperate from daily stressors and bask in your laziness, self-care style!

Self-Care Ideas to Celebrate National Lazy Day

Below are six simple self-care ideas to celebrate National Lazy Day!


By now, you’ve most likely read about the benefits meditation can have on the mind, body, and spirit. It helps to reduce and manage stress, promote self-discovery and awareness, connect you to the Divine, invoke feelings of gratitude, and a whole lot more. And the great thing? It can be done anywhere at anytime. So, to get into the spirit of lazy self-care, try meditating in your coziest pajamas or lounge attire from bed tomorrow. Whether it’s once you’ve woken, before you call it quits for the day, or in between meals, take some time to breathe in and breathe out. You probably need it more than you think!

Read a Book

You can never go wrong with cozying up with a book and teacup (or glass of wine) to not only nurture your novel-loving soul but also intrigue your mind. For this self-care practice, we always recommend diving into a good piece of fiction, as an imaginative realm provides more of an escape from the real world. Whether it’s a book about a three-eyed dragon in a forest or a gut-wrenching love triangle gone wrong, it’s exciting, fun, and soothing to read stories that aren’t about current affairs. But, if getting lost in non-fiction is more your jam and something you find helps ease your mind, we’re all for it!

Get Lost in Netflix

Did you really think we could generate a list of lazy self-care ideas without including watching your favorite show or a new movie on Netflix? This activity never fails (unless you’ve exhausted every genre) and can always lift your spirits in the simplest way. Put our feet up, order some takeout, and enjoy watching the reality romance drama or true crime thriller you can’t get enough of.

Listen to a Ted Talk

Just because you’re having a lazy day doesn’t mean you can’t get a dose of inspiration in at some point or another. Heck, you might even find yourself listening to a talk about self-care and the importance of staying emotionally healthy. Or perhaps browsing a collection of talks from expert speakers that cover business, leadership, or technology are more your speed. Whatever the nature of the influential video may be, if it speaks to you and resonates with you, crank up that volume, expand your knowledge, and learn! And remember, you can listen to a Ted Talk anywhere, whether it be on a walk or during a warm bubble bath!

Get Some Fresh Air

National Lazy Day isn’t necessarily about being a couch potato from morning to night. We mentioned that we wanted to provide lazy ideas with a hint of self-care and getting some fresh air is just that! And you don’t need to go for a five-kilometer run to take some time for yourself. You can simply pull out a chair in your backyard or on your balcony and bask in the outdoor energy. Take in the sound of the birds and the rustling of the trees. Read that book. Meditate. Listen to that Ted Talk. Or even take a nap! The possibilities are endless.

Take a Relaxing Bath

We couldn’t end our lazy self-care list without a good ol’ soaking in the tub! Not only do warm bubble baths soothe your mind, but they also relax your body by relieving any muscle pain or tension, which is great for those who work with their bodies or spend majority of their day on their feet. To set the mood, light some candles or burn a bit of sage, pour a heaping cup of coffee or a tall glass of your favourite wine, place a box of decadent chocolates or a plate of sweet fruit nearby, put your phone on silent, and immerse yourself in the ultimate soothing experience.

And that’s a wrap, folks! We hope you enjoyed reading through our six simple self-care ideas to celebrate this year’s National Lazy Day. If you happen to incorporate one or a combination of these relaxing and restorative activities, shoot us a message on socials to tell us all about it! Or snap a pic of your self-care endeavors and tag us! Talk soon and enjoy this upcoming feel-good day!