MOZ’s Recycled Packaging Initiative: Introducing Our Eco-Friendly Baggies

MOZ’s Recycled Packaging Initiative: Introducing Our Eco-Friendly Baggies

Hey there, how’s it glowin’? The last time we spoke about making more environmentally-conscious decisions, we covered the importance of sustainable skincare and how we are including more eco-friendly products and practices into our brand.

To further that discussion, we’re delving into the importance and benefits of recycling and recycled packaging and providing all the ins and outs of our reusable and recyclable hemp and cotton baggies! Keep reading for more.

Why is Recycling Important?

Before we dive into some of the benefits of recycling and recycled packaging, we need to understand why recycling is important. Simply put, practicing proper recycling (yes, there’s a correct and incorrect way to go about it) helps reduce air and water pollution and benefits not only the environment, but communities, too. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s not only about the way we do things, but also how we think. We need to stop thinking selfishly and start thinking selflessly, keeping our future generations in mind. Our ever-growing population needs places to live and natural resources to use but with dumpsters and landfills overloaded by hazardous waste consuming our planet and taking up valuable and inhabitable spaces how is this possible? How can we make a change? Let these thoughts and questions sit with you as we move forward!

The Benefits of Recycling + Recycled Packaging

Reduces Carbon Footprint

A major benefit of recycling and recycled packaging is that it helps to reduce your carbon footprint!

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions that’re generated by individuals, organizations, services, products, and even events. And when you recycle and use green packaging alternatives, you’re reducing the consumption of resources! This brings us to our next benefit!

Reduces Harmful Plastic Usage

It’s no surprise that traditional, plastic packaging contains harmful chemicals. In 2019, researchers sampled commonly used plastic products and found more than 1,000 chemicals in them. And what was more shocking is that 80 percent of those chemicals were unknown! By making the switch to eco-friendly packaging, the spread of toxins, damage to ecosystems and wildlife, and effects of climate change can be significantly reduced!

Protects Ecosystems and Wildlife

By now, you’ve probably heard the phrase “save the oceans” belted out in more than one rally fueled by enraged protestors. When plastic waste isn’t disposed of properly, it often finds its way into rivers, lakes, and seas, eventually polluting coastlines and waterways. And because a lot of common items that contain plastic aren’t biodegradable, they can do a whole lot of harm to aquatic life. But by reducing the demand for raw materials, these large bodies of water can become less contaminated which is what we want!

Reduces the Demand for Raw Materials

As mentioned above, the demand for raw materials always has an impact on the environment, some of which are soil degradation, water shortages, and biodiversity loss. Many communities, especially those who reside in forested areas, have been exploited and even displaced from their homes in the search of these materials. But recycling and recycled packaging can change that as it’s more energy efficient and minimizes air and water pollution!

MOZ’s Recyclable + Reusable Eco-Baggies

Get excited because our recyclable and reusable eco-friendly baggies are finally here! Made from recycled cotton and hemp, our baggies are durable and will keep your products clean and well-protected thanks to their soft and fluffy interior material and opening/closing drawstrings. Whether you need a place to easily store and access your skincare or to stow away any other products either at home or on the go, our baggies (which are available in two sizes: small and large) are the perfect sustainable solution to securing the best place for anything you need to organize and keep together.

Alright, so how do you get your hands on one?! If you purchase a minimum of two or more products or one of our skincare sets from our site, a reusable baggy will automatically be included in your order. We’ll also be providing our product samples in reusable mini baggies, too! We’ve mentioned that we believe the inclusion of eco-friendly products and practices in our brand is a great (and green) step to help achieve more environmental sustainability and we want all of you to feel the same! It’s our hope that we, as a society, can start exercising conscious consumerism by making more planet-friendly purchases and looking for brands of all kinds that incorporate organic and vegan-friendly formulas and alternative packaging methods in and for their products.

The Bottom Line

In the words of Lisa Germano, “Recycling isn’t going to save the world, but being conscious of it and your surroundings can.” If you’re doing your part to create and maintain a healthier and greener place for current and future generations to inhabit, you’re helping to make a difference. And that’s what counts. With that said, we hope today’s post on recycling and recycled packaging has resonated with you and that you’re looking forward to getting your hands on one of our eco-friendly baggies! Follow us on socials and let us know some of the ways you live life more sustainably, whether it’s investing in eco-friendly technology, eating less meat, or purchasing only green beauty products! Until then, stay rad, continue to recycle, and remember that small acts of love can make a huge impact.