Five Benefits of Organic Skincare

Five Benefits of Organic Skincare

Parabens. Per- and Poly-fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS). Phthalates. These are just a few of the harsh and harmful chemical ingredients commonly found in many mainstream beauty products that you should undoubtedly avoid. That’s why we’re sharing the importance of organic skincare

To learn more about the difference between natural and organic products and how non-toxic, nutrient-rich, and eco-friendly ingredients can benefit your skin, overall health, and the environment, keep reading!

Natural Versus Organic Skincare

Although many believe the terms are interchangeable, they differ in meaning! Skincare that’s classified as natural isn’t necessarily organic and terms such as ‘vegan’ and ‘cruelty-free’ don’t mean that products are natural or organic either. If a skincare product is natural, it means that it contains natural ingredients that’ve come from a plant, mineral, or animal by-product. However, a product that’s organic refers to the way ingredients in that product have been farmed. If the ingredients have grown without the use of pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), parabens, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or antibiotics, then those ingredients are organic.

But don’t assume that a product is organic just because a company that deems itself as a clean skincare brand slaps an ‘organic’ label on it! To be considered organic, a product must contain 95% organically produced ingredients, according to the USDA. And if you’re wondering, a product can be both natural and organic, which is exactly how our skincare is manufactured.

Five Benefits of Organic Skincare

Natural + Nutrient-Rich Ingredients

Alright, let’s put this into perspective. If you wouldn’t feed your body food that contains additives, chemicals, and all that other unnatural junk, why would you feed your skin products that do? Organic skincare contains natural, nutrient-rich ingredients that are safe for both your skin and body to absorb, as they derive from our natural, number one gal: Mother Earth!

The best way to determine if a product contains organic ingredients is by having a look a its label. If you spot a plethora of calming, soothing, and healing ingredients such as aloe vera, lavender, or oatmeal, or an abundance of cleansing, purifying, and exfoliating components like tea tree and clay, chances are you’re most likely dealing with an organic product and a clean skincare brand. But the moment you come across a few harsh and harmful chemicals…


You ever work a product into your face and find yourself saying this shortly after…?

Yeah, not fun. But on the bright side, an allergic reaction is unlikely when using organic skincare. Without contaminants, additives, and chemicals, your skin can rest assure it won’t go completely haywire on ya. However, if you do happen to experience irritation or inflammation, it’s most likely due to a natural ingredient your skin isn’t too keen on, such as citrus fruit extracts.


Extremely dangerous and shockingly evil toxins? That’s exactly what inorganic products contain.

Chemically induced skincare may provide a desired outcome, but the solution is only temporary. Sure, you might see softer skin and lighter spots within a short period of time but with prolonged use, these ingredients can weaken and damage tissue and potentially result in worse conditions such as dermatitis and other common skin conditions. Luckily, organic skincare (although slower acting) is a nourishing, gentle, and non-toxic alternative. Although a quick fix may seem like the best answer, your skin will thank you in the future. After all, good things take time.


Hip, hop, hooray, cruelty-free products keeps animal testing away!

One of the greatest benefits of organic skincare is that its cruelty-free. Since these products contain organically farmed and plant derived ingredients, there’s no need to test their effects on animals. YAY! Simply put, by saying yes to products that’re safe and cause no harm, you’re helping to keep an animal out of a lab and on a farm!


Looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint? Go green and get clean with eco-friendly skincare!

By incorporating healthier and even home-grown ingredients into your beauty regimen, you’re not only providing for your skin, but also protecting the planet. Organic farming and products do not harm our air, soil, and water, as it produces less waste and emits less carbon dioxide and other damaging gases. Another benefit is that many organic skincare brands often incorporate eco-friendly boxing and bagging into the distribution of their products! Say farewell to less plastic packaging and hello to a longer-living planet.

Opt. for Organic

Simply put, opt. for organic when purchasing products and do so from a clean skincare brand. And remember, making the switch to natural products not only benefit your skin and health, but also the sustainability and biodiversity of our planet. Have the itch to make the skincare switch to natural, affordable, quality products? Shop our organic oils, masks, serums, and more here!