A Boozy Drink Can Affect Your Complexion More Than You Think: The Effects of Alcohol on Skin

A Boozy Drink Can Affect Your Complexion More Than You Think: The Effects of Alcohol on Skin

It’s early afternoon. You stumble out of bed, make your way to the bathroom, and stare blankly at your dull, blotchy, and dehydrated face in the mirror.

You may be thinking, how can this be? And as much as we hate to be the bearer of bad news, we’ve gotta be honest! Simply put, a boozy drink can affect your complexion more than you think. So, the next time you plan on overindulging in bubbly beers and sweet sangria, remember the effects alcohol can have on your skin. To learn how a liquor-filled Friday evening can turn into a spotty-faced Saturday morning, keep reading!

The Effects of Alcohol on Skin


The diuretic effect of alcohol causes your body to remove fluids at a quicker rate, which means it basically forces the water out of you. And if you don’t consume enough water while drinking, both your body and skin can become severely dehydrated. Your skin, specifically, can also appear dry and flaky when dehydrated, which can make fine lines and wrinkles more visible… And who the heck wants that?! Oh, and if that’s not enough, an overindulgence in alcohol can affect your skin’s cellular turnover rate, leading to a more dull complexion. So, while consuming a plethora of vodka punch may sound fun, we can guarantee you that being dehydrated and possibly hungover won’t be.

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Alcohol can also have inflammatory effects, and we hate to inform you, but inflammation is the second cause of aging skin. Yikes. Your skin can appear red and blotchy after a boozy-infused brunch because the alcohol that you drink inflames your body’s tissue and alters the blood vessels in your skin… Well, that sounds horrifying. And if you consume alcohol on a regular basis, you’ll be prone to developing more permanent facial redness as time goes on.

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Okay, so alcohol doesn’t cause acne. However, certain alcoholic drinks can affect your hormone levels, which can stimulate your skin’s oil glands… And we know what happens when you skin goes into overproduction sebum mode. It’s also important to note that certain mixed cocktails and white wine contain high amounts of sugar and because sugar excess has been linked to spotty skin, opting for something more skin friendly like a vodka seltzer with lemon or lime is your best booze bet!

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The Bottom Line

We’re not saying to completely ditch your favorite cocktails. After all, it’s summer and nothing compliments a dip in the pool better than a peach daiquiri (or three). But if you’re going to go all in, try matching each alcoholic beverage with a glass of H20. Also try limiting how often you drink. If you’ve spent the past weekend partying, it’s important to not only give your liver a rest, but your skin too! And if all else fails, we’re here to help get you through those dreary post-drinking skin woes! Until next time, friends. Cheers!