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Why You Need to Give (And Receive) More Hugs

Why You Need to Give (And Receive) More Hugs

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s National Hugging Day and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Whether you’re wrapped in the arms of a lover, a family member or a furry friend, getting (and giving) a hug can make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. The amount of physical nurturing we receive as humans declines the older we get, but why? We know hugging isn’t for everyone, but we’re hoping we can change your mind after hitting you with all the awesome benefits. We’re big believers of the idea that everyone should have a hug a day – here’s why!

Hugs Reduce Stress

Getting a hug can help you relax and calm down before entering a stressful situation. The hormone released during a hug can influence our mood and behavior, often alleviating social anxiety and producing feelings of trust. Next time you’re feeling nervous or unsettled, try giving someone a hug to calm down!

Hugs Can Lower the Risk of Heart Disease

Yeah, you totally read that right. Turns out the hormones released in your body after a hug are for more than feeling good – they can actually help your physical health too. Hugs can lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, and it helps to lower blood pressure. This helps lower your heart rate and ease your blood flow. What are you waiting for? Go get yourself a hug!

Hugs Make Us Happy

Hugs not only make us feel closer to the person we’re touching, it actually increases our happiness levels in general. Levels of oxytocin, the chemical in our body sometimes referred to as the ‘cuddle hormone,’ rise when we hug or touch someone. This increase is associated with overall happiness and less stress – who knew?

Fun fact: you can make a hug even deeper by pressing your heart together with your partner’s. Always hug to the right of the receiver to connect your hearts and feel the love – literally. ?


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