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Why We’ll Never Apply Another Face Mask Without a Brush

Face Mask Brush with soft bristles, non animal tested for cosmetics and beauty IMy Organic Zone

Why We’ll Never Apply Another Face Mask Without a Brush

We’re huge fans of any and all kinds of face masks. Not only are they awesome for giving your skin a deep cleaning and unclogging pores, but they’re also an easy way to practice much-needed self-care. The benefits of a good face mask are evident, but what we don’t pay enough attention to how we’re applying them. If you’ve never considered using a brush to apply your face mask, this article is for you. Continue reading to find out why we’re obsessed with our new face mask applicator brush and why we’ll never look back.

More Even Applications

It’s difficult to control how much product you’re applying when you use your fingers. It’s common to overcompensate with too much product in an attempt to achieve an even layer. The first time we tested our face mask brush we were shocked at how much less product we actually needed. Applying a thin, even layer when using a brush is absolutely foolproof and we’re here for it.

Substantially Less Mess

Things will inevitably get a little messy if you’re applying your masks with your fingers. We didn’t realize how easily this could be avoided until we tested our face mask brush. Using the brush leaves your hands completely clean, saving you some extra cleanup.

Better Overall Experience

There’s something about using an applicator brush that makes applying a regular old face mask feel special. Could it be the super-soft bristles that feel like tiny angel kisses on your cheeks? Is it because your near-flawless application makes you feel like you’re straight out of a commercial? Maybe it’s the fact that not getting your hands dirty feels hella VIP.

Trust us when we say this face brush is a life changer. Test it with our Dead Sea Mud Mask or our Charcoal Peel Off Mask and see for yourself. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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