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What does Eating Carrots do for Your Skincare Routine?

What does Eating Carrots do for Your Skincare Routine?

When it comes to skincare, you should think like a rabbit. Yup, you read that right. If you are looking to improve the look of your skin, a rabbit’s famously favourite snack is your best bet. The crunchy orange veggie is what we at My Organic Zone like to call a total skincare superfood. You guessed it, we’re talking about carrots!

Everyone knows carrots as that healthy, low calorie, a colourful veggie that keeps your eyesight on point. But what many don’t know, is that carrots actually carry a ton of skincare-related benefits along the rest of its helpful properties that we know and love.

Helps Boost Collagen

Aside from maintaining your eye health, carrots also contribute to an overall healthy complexion. Incorporating more carrots into your diet will improve the look of your skin from within. All these skincare benefits carrots have come from their richness in vitamin C and the many antioxidants they carry. Vitamin C is amazing for boosting the collagen production in your body, and strengthening and supporting your immune system. Those boosts can leave your skin bouncy, plump, and totally detoxified.

Improves Skin Tissue

The high concentration of vitamin A in carrots (which is also what makes them great for eyesight) is incredibly helpful when it comes to repairing skin tissue and protecting our skin against the sun’s harsh rays. Vitamin A, being an antioxidant attacks the free radicals from UV rays to prevent signs of ageing like wrinkles, skin pigmentations and uneven skin tone.

Help Improve Skin Strength & Immunity

As if that wasn’t enough, the beta-carotene in carrots protects your skin in such a way that overtime, you will have higher immunity to sunburns and sun damage in general. Fun fact; carrot juice can actually act as a natural boost to your sunscreen! Crazy right? Of course, sunscreen is still a must, but it’s cool to know that there’s a natural SPF sidekick out there. The same antioxidants in carrots can also help control conditions like eczema, rashes, and acne. Think about all the extra anti-acne benefits you can get from this orange guy!

Many skincare products derive their ingredients from carrots, but if you want a more direct treatment, there are plenty of at-home remedies you can make on your own! A simple face mask made from finely grated carrots, a little bit of honey and a pinch of cinnamon can go a long way. Just mix all the ingredients very well and apply a thin layer of the mixture to your face for 10-20 minutes to see the best results. An even easier one is obviously to just eat more carrots in your diet. Make sure not to overdo the carrot consumption though, because they can actually tint your skin to a yellow-orange colour if you eat way too many. Just like all things in life… balance is a key component to maintaining a healthy, youthful complexion.

Other than that, what more is there to say? We think it’s pretty obvious why carrots are a skincare superfood! With all their amazing skin benefits, you can’t go wrong making carrots your go-to snack!

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