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The Best Way to Apply a Body Scrub

The Best Way to Apply a Body Scrub

It’s hard to resist the sweet calls that a good exfoliating scrub makes. It’s like a soft cry from afar, calling out so you won’t forget it in your skincare routine. Is that just us? Didn’t think so.

I think we can all agree that a good coffee scrub feels amazing. Not only do you get to give your pores a cleansing, but your skin looks revamped and glows brighter. There are various ways to apply an exfoliating body scrub and everyone swears that theirs is the best. So, in true skincare-lovers fashion, we’re sharing our fave method so you can try for yourself! When you realize how great it truly is, drop us a line on our socials and thank us endlessly: FacebookInstagramTwitter

Firstly, you’ll need 2 things:

  1. Arabica Coffee Scrub
  2. Small Face Cloth/Towel

Now you want to get a nice and even temperature shower started. We’ve mentioned this before but, hot showers can dry out your skin, and we’re trying to do the opposite here.

After you feel you are sufficiently clean, grab a nice glob of coffee scrub and add it to your wet towel. Ta-da! You now have an exfoliatowel 😛 The surface area of the towel allows for the coffee scrub to spread easily, and it actually uses less than you would if applying with your hands. This makes this particular method amazing when exfoliating large surface areas like arms and legs.

After you’re done with exfoliating your skin, make sure to rinse off any remaining coffee grinds or salt that you may feel on your body. This next step is important and so easily forgotten: after you dry off, remember to moisturize! Your skin will feel softer and you will notice a brighter glow.

Try for yourself and let us know if you liked it because we sure do! If you want to check out our Arabica Coffee Scrub a little more, click on the image below:

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