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The Benefits of Houseplants

The Benefits of Houseplants

How do you channel spring when it’s still cold and sad outside? Bring spring indoors! One of our favorite ways to be amongst nature when the weather isn’t cooperating is to bring some greenery inside. Houseplants better for more than just bringing about feelings of the outdoors, they have really great health benefits. If you’re looking to spice up your home décor and your wellness routine, keep reading.

Plants Help Improve Air Quality

This is an obvious one but it’s certainly worth mentioning. Houseplants reduce carbon dioxide levels, increase humidity (hello moisturized skin), reduce levels of pollutants and they reduce airborne dust levels. Is there anything a cute little houseplant can’t do?

Plants Help Reduce Stress

It’s no secret that being outdoors makes people feel more at ease. This sentiment rings true when you bring those plants inside, too! People tend to experience less stress when there are plants around them. Not only do houseplants make a space feel more relaxed, they make it more stimulating and interesting to look at.

Plants Help You Breath Easier

When we breathe our bodies take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide and during photosynthesis plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This natural give and take make plants and humans natural partners in wellness. Bringing a few plants indoors can help increase oxygen levels and in turn help you breathe easier.

Interested in upping your wellness routine with some houseplants? We suggest a snake plant or ZZ plant. Both are excellent in low light spaces and actually thrive off of low maintenance. Hit us up on social media once you’ve planted your indoor gardens, we always love new plant-spo!

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