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The Benefits of Berries for Your Skin

The Benefits of Berries for Your Skin

Summer has struck which means it is officially berry season! Blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries; the options are endless! Whether in a smoothie, a pie or fresh from the garden; you can’t go wrong with these summer skincare superfoods! While the taste and uses of berries are amazing, the benefits that berries have on your skin are irreplaceable. Berries provide natural Vitamin C and countless antioxidants – berries will protect your skin from the effects of aging and the environment.

Vitamin C is one of the main benefits of berries. It is the ultimate immune system booster, and pretty much sets the rest of the body off for smooth sailing pending daily intake. This means eating foods that are rich in Vitamin C makes for overall better health of the body, and specifically the skin. In skin care, Vitamin C Serums (just like ours) help to tighten and brighten the skin, as well as fight signs of aging. If dealing with allergies, taste preferences, or simply can’t get your hands on some berries, a Vitamin C Serum or supplement will do just the trick. What is harder to find substitutes for, however, are the antioxidants inside berries.

The Power of Phenolics in Berries

Berries house very concentrated antioxidant compounds called phenolics. These compounds are pretty much what gives berries their superfood title. Phenolics are in berries because they originally help the berry plants to stay protected from environmental stressors. In return, when phenolics are consumed from the berry fruits, they provide many benefits for your skin and could help immensely with your natural skin care routine. These molecular superheroes fight damaging environmental factors, as well as prevent and slow down the aging process of the skin. Much like the benefits of a Vitamin C Serum, berries help keep skin plump and tight.

An antioxidant found in blueberries, for example, is capable of offsetting and stopping the skin from producing its natural damaging enzymes after sunlight exposure. Of course don’t ditch the sunscreen. Your skin still needs that external SPF protection! Do consider berries like your sunscreen’s sidekick, fighting those UV rays off from within the body!

Anti-Aging Properties

As for anti-aging properties and benefits, elderberries are where it’s at! Multiple phenolics in elderberries help prevent the essential lipids (fats) in the skin from breaking down. Maintaining the integrity of these fats is what stops them from causing aging when they are exposed to the surface of the skin. Elderberries are also amazing for reducing the presence of pro-inflammation enzymes in the skin; helping to reduce redness and irritations of the skin.

Moral of the story is that berries clearly fall nowhere short of their superfood title. Packing a full load of Vitamin C and countless antioxidants, you won’t want to miss out on these summer superfoods benefits. To protect your skin from the damaging summer weather, and prevent signs of aging, get your hands on some Vitamin C skin care products (like our natural Vitamin C Serum ;). Even just some fresh berries if you want to keep it simple, and you’ll be thanking us later!

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