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Some Key Benefits of the Arabica Coffee Scrub

Some Key Benefits of the Arabica Coffee Scrub

Many are aware of the sweet scent the Arabica Coffee Scrub gives off. However, not everyone knows what it can do for the skin and exactly how to apply it. If you love coffee, you are already ahead of the curve. It is worth mentioning to you coffee lovers that unfortunately applying this does not give you a “rush”… However, it will give you a boost, for your skin that is 😉

Ingredients You Can Trust

Let’s start with the ingredients and how they interact with your skin. Kona Coffee and Dead Sea Salt are 2 main ingredients that give the scrub its rough texture. *Fun Fact* Kona Coffee is one of the most expensive strains of coffee bean in the world (Look it up if you don’t believe us).

These two ingredients allow the coffee scrub to be such a great exfoliator. Coffee grinds have natural properties that help remove dead skin and yield a smoother, more even look. Arabica Coffee Scrubs can increase blood flow and circulation which helps improve the look of cellulite. Go ahead and tackle stretch marks!

Swelling, Red Spots & Eczema Therapy

The enriched minerals found in natural coffee grinds & dead sea salt are also effective at treating swelling, red spots, eczema and more. The accelerated turnover of new skin cells promotes the area of concern to start anew and can temporarily rid the infected area altogether.

Up next, we can group Arabica Coffee Seed Oil and Shea Butter together. Coffee Seed Oil (sometimes found in drinks) are said to be rich in antioxidants. This plant oil stimulates pathways in skin that lead to much higher moisture retention. Ain’t that interesting?

On the other hand, Shea Butter is a strong source of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Antioxidants found in Shea Butter help protect cell membranes from the damaging effects free radicals. Antioxidants are an essential part of protecting and breaking the chain of potential chemical destruction within the body.

How To Apply

Now let’s discuss the ‘how’! We strongly suggest you use the Arabica Coffee Scrub in the shower for a couple of reasons. First off, the texture is rather grainy and when you apply the scrub in a circular motion, it can get a little messy! As well, you need to remove the lathering with some water so where better to do that than in the shower? 🙂

There are different theories regarding applying dry or wet but here is where our research and personal experience has led us. It’s not a problem to apply when the skin is a little dry but we’d prefer it if it was a tad damp. After rubbing the scrub in a circular motion (30 seconds to 1 minute) you can leave it on the desired area for up to 2 minutes. That way, the minerals can be fully absorbed and your exfoliation can be that much better! This is where the water comes in – you can apply a little water throughout to help the coffee scrub absorb a little bit better. Make sure to wash off everything in the shower and feel the difference!

Works Wonders On The Face As Well!

Did you know you can also use the Arabica Coffee Scrub on your face? With careful application of course (avoiding the eyes… duh) the Arabica Coffee Scrub helps with dark circles around the eyes. The caffeine from the coffee can promote the regeneration of skin cells and can help depuff dark bags under your eyes! Check out our reviews to see just how many people are enjoying our Arabica Coffee Scrub.

Hit us up on socials to join our community! Have any questions? Feel free to ask away and we’ll get back to you asap 🙂

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