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Skincare Superfoods: Pumpkins!

Skincare Superfoods: Pumpkins!

Jack-o’-lanterns, lattés, and pie: all things that come to mind when we think about pumpkin. But have you ever thought about pumpkin in skincare? Probably not, but yes that’s right, that famous Halloween gourd works wonders for the skin.

What’s special about pumpkin is its molecular structure. Not to get all scientific on our readers, but the pumpkin’s molecular compounds are much smaller than typical fruit and veggie molecules. This makes it a lot easier for pumpkin and it’s amazing benefits to penetrate deeper into the skin when applied topically. Because of this, the pumpkin’s benefits hit our deep skin layers that are typically missed by other products (this is why pumpkin skincare has a high success rate and fast results.)

Okay, now for what we really care about: why we should use pumpkin on our skin. As many other superfoods are, pumpkin is super versatile. The fruit can help with tons of different aspects of the skin. Dry skin, oily skin, acne, aging, and even brightening!

There are two main parts to the pumpkin: the flesh and the seeds. Pumpkin flesh is exploding with fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids. These two ingredients make for the perfect power couple to turn over skin cells, ultimately brightening and smoothing the skin. Alongside the enzymes and acids, pumpkin flesh also carries vitamins A and C, which are known to help with skin brightening, and collagen boosting, to reverse and prevent signs of aging.

The benefits of pumpkin flesh are extremely easy to access. Of course, there are plenty of off-the-shelf products containing pumpkin’s powers, but to get this fruit flesh’s benefits all you need is pumpkin puree. You can easily use plain and simple pumpkin puree as a topical mask to see how this superfood works! The benefits of pumpkin seeds, however, are a bit harder to get at.

Pumpkin seeds contain large amounts of zinc and fatty acids. These two ingredients make pumpkin seeds great for those with acne and or oily skin. The zinc in pumpkin seeds is brilliant for acne sufferers, as it calms down hormone imbalance, controls oil production, and helps heal the skin from acne scarring and scabbing. The fatty acids in pumpkin seeds work wonders for those with oily skin. Alongside Vitamin E, fatty acids create a barrier for the skin to regulate itself and control sebum and oil production.

The only problem with pumpkin seed benefits is that they come from an extract. Pumpkin seed extract isn’t exactly a DIY project you’d want to take on. Because of this, those who want these benefits are going to have to turn to a plethora of store-bought skincare products including the ingredient, rather than making homemade treatments.

So this Halloween season your skin won’t have to miss out on the spooky festivities. Once the face paint comes off, treat your complexion with a luscious pumpkin treatment (it will thank you later!)

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