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Skincare Superfoods: Mangos

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Skincare Superfoods: Mangos

Are you a mango fanatic like us? (The answer is yes). Along with its fruity tropical flare, this south Asia-native superfood also delivers many health and skincare benefits. With countless antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, the wicked nutritional value of the mango fruit is what makes it deserving of all this hype. Whether added to delicious recipes, eaten as is or used externally, mangos have become a go-to ingredient when it comes to nutrition and even skincare!

Pulp, extract, and butter are three natural derivatives of the mango, which can all be used for skin care.

Mango Pulp

Fresh mango pulp is the purest form of this superfood. People usually eat the pulp; however, there are plenty of at-home skin care recipes that use this golden treasure. The antioxidants in mango pulp work alongside its natural alpha-hydroxy acids, to remove dead skin cells and give your skin that extra glow 😉  A simple homemade face mask made of mashed mango pulp, is a go-to for preventing acne and unclogging pores. Simply mash the pulp of one mango to a paste-like consistency, then apply to the face for five to ten minutes, and then wash off and pat skin dry.

Mango Extract

Just like the pulp, mango extract is also sought after for its amazing antioxidants. Derived from its outer skin, mango extract comes in powder form, which makes it a breeze to incorporate into skincare products. The addition of mango extract into skin cleansers brings out its wonderful astringent properties. Products containing mango extract leave the skin clean and healthy, eliminating bacteria and preventing any future breakouts (you’re welcome). 😀

Mango Butter

Of the three main mango derivatives, mango butter is the jackpot of antioxidants. Made from the seeds of the fruit, this creamy potion leaves the skin moisturized like no other. The antioxidants in mango butter are found alongside Vitamins A and C, which when combined, make for a huge increase in collagen production. Its collagen-boosting properties make mango butter the dream ingredient for y’all who want a smoother, bouncier, more wrinkle-free complexion!

What more is there to say? Mangos don’t fall anywhere far from the superfood tree. Try incorporating mango into your diet and or skincare routine, and watch the benefits come rolling in. Let us know how it goes and of course, enjoy!

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