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Skincare Superfoods: Going Nuts for Coconuts!

Skincare Superfoods: Going Nuts for Coconuts!

Dry skin? Chapped lips? Bad breath? We have one word for you: coconut! That’s right, the oh so simple nut of coco. It just so happens that the coconut craze is around for good reason. Once you get past its tough exterior, coconuts are FULL of amazing benefits.

While breaking through this superfood’s husk may seem like a lot of work, we promise you it’s worth it. Coconut “meat” is an amazing source of fiber and has been proven to aid in weight loss, immune-deficiencies and mineral deficiencies. Coconut meat is definitely the go-to when it comes to the fruit’s nutritional benefits, but if you’re looking for cosmetic benefits, coconut oil is where it’s at.

Coconut oil has quickly become the holy grail for beauty aficionados everywhere. Why? It’s because of its versatility! The uses for coconut oil are endless. This luscious oil can be used for anything from moisturizing, cleansing, and makeup removal, to teeth-whitening, and even breath-freshening. Here are a few of our favorite uses:


The fats in coconut oil are capable of breaking down and getting rid of pretty much any sort of makeup or impurity the skin accumulates throughout the day. Simply take a dollop of solid virgin coconut oil and rub it onto your dry face in small circular motions. Once you feel that the coconut oil has melted all the makeup and dirt, rinse it away with lukewarm water. If you have oily skin, feel free to follow up this step with your own cleanser to avoid any sort of oil-amplification.


Coconut oil is a wonderful universal body conditioner, so anyone can use it as a body moisturizer (no matter their skin type). However, when it comes to using it for facial moisturizing it’s a bit tricky. It’s still an oil, so those with oily skin and conditions such as cystic acne should keep away as oil could further clog their pores.

Oral Health

Coconut oil has become the most popular ingredient for a process called oil-pulling. Oil-pulling is basically gargling a plant-based oil in your mouth in an attempt to break down plaque, get rid of bacteria, and help remove stains. Long story short: skip the harsh chemical whiteners and gargle some coconut oil for 30-60 seconds a day after brushing your teeth!

So what are you waiting for? For soft and clean skin, white and healthy teeth, grab yourself some coconuts or a jar of coconut oil and let their magic do the work!

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