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Skincare Superfoods: Bone Broth

Skincare Superfoods: Bone Broth

If you’re anything like us, you’re still feeling a little “off” after the holidays. After gorging on amazing food and drinks and staying up past your bedtime one too many times your body totally starts to feel a little crazy. As per usual, we’re here to help. The very first #SkincareSuperfood of 2019 will (hopefully) solve all your problems. Without further ado, let us introduce to you to bone broth. It’s dope – keep reading to find out why.

Bone Broth Beats Botox

Yep, you read that right. Bone broth is FULL of collagen, which is why a ton of people are turning to bone broth when it comes to improving the elasticity of their skin. Collagen also helps fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin so yeah, it’s kind of a miracle worker.

Bone Broth Helps You Sleep

Sleep is important for a million and one reasons, beauty included! Believe it or not, bone broth contains a ton of magnesium, which is needed to reduce stress and promote restful sleep. Bone broth is also high in glycine, an amino acid that plays a role in regulating your sleep cycle. If you take some bone broth before bedtime it can help to improve your quality of sleep and reduce daytime energy crashes.

Bone Broth Cures It All

Okay, bone broth doesn’t cure it all but it does help with A LOT. The collagen in bone broth helps to improve gut health by strengthening the gut lining. This helps reduce inflammation, gas and bloating as well as puffiness and redness in the skin. See? We told you that it was a lot.

Are you ready to convert? There are so many awesome benefits of bone broth it’s totally worth trying out for yourself. Are you already a fan? Hit us up on social media and let us know why you love it!

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