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The Fresh Kit


– Reduce Redness & Inflamation
– Tighten up Pores
– Help Improve the look of Wrinkles
– Help Reveal Youthful Skin Cells
– Great for Overall Skin Health
Hop in the shower with the Arabica Coffee Scrub. Grab a handful of the scrub and rub it in circular motions across your body. Once dried, add a few spritzes of the Rose Water Toner to help reduce inflammation & redness. We’d recommend following up with a serum or moisturizer after!


Keep a fresh looking complexion with this effective skincare bundle! Need a quick tone up? Why not give this duo a try? We’ve paired the Arabica Coffee Scrub & Rose Water Toner! Here’s how it works! Hop in the shower, Scrub it up with our Coffee Scrub and tone your skin with Rose Water once you’ve dried off!

HELPS WITH SKIN IRRITATION: Skin is naturally acidic and is healthier when such levels are maintained. Cleansers can sometimes rid the skin of important natural oils, which can hinder your skins overall glow. The Rose Water toner resets and revitalizes the skin once applied, which helps your skin to retain its natural pH levels.

TIGHTEN PORES & HYDRATE: The Rose Water Toner helps tighten up those pores, as well as improve your skin’s ability to retain moisture. Add a few sprays of this natural facial toner right after cleansing to give your skin a lift!

TACKLE DEAD SKIN & CELLULITE: Exfoliating properties from our popular body scrub help soothe, emphasize healthier skin & promote a better overall glow. Get rid of dead skin cells and reveal youthful skin underneath! The organic antioxidants & exfoliants such as dead sea salt & arabica seed oil work together to reduce the look of cellulite on the body.

NATURAL SKIN EXFOLIANT: With Shea Butter & Jojoba Oil, the Arabica Coffee Scrub has anti-inflammatory properties that ease any redness & irritation. Vitamin E & B-complex vitamins in Jojoba Oil help drastically in skin repair and damage control. Once massaged onto skin, the ‘grindy’ texture of the natural body scrub allows for fantastic results. Dead skin stands no chance.



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