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Product Highlight: Dead Sea Mud Mask

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Product Highlight: Dead Sea Mud Mask

We wouldn’t be doing right by our products if we didn’t take a moment here and there to shine the light on our original bestseller. Our Dead Sea Mud Mask has been a best-seller almost since its release, and for good reason. If you’ve yet to try our Dead Sea Mud Mask for yourself, don’t stop reading!!

Our Dead Sea Mud Mask was designed for day-to-day maintenance of clean, healthy skin. It’s a pore-cleansing powerhouse that exfoliates and fights acne. Too good to be true? Absolutely not. Here are 3 awesome benefits of our OG mask:

It’s a fantastic cleanser

The Dead Sea Mud Mask formula absorbs excess oil and helps remove dirt from pores. It provides your skin with a deep cleaning that leaves you feeling fresh and ready for your skincare routine. Using the mask just once or twice a week can make a difference if you’re prone to clogged pores.

It hydrates your skin

Not only does the Dead Sea Mud Mask cleanse like a champ, it hydrates too. A lot of times cleansers strip the skin of dead cells and leaves your skin dry as a dessert. There’s nothing we love more than hydration, so we made sure our Mud Mask is just that.

It fights acne

Since the Dead Sea Mud mask does such a great job of removing dirt and bacteria from pores, it makes it a great acne fighter. Keep your skin acne-free and use the Mud Mask at least twice a week!

Just in case we haven’t already sold you, you can elevate your whole experience by applying the mask with our specialty brush. Our Face Mask Brush is hella soft and makes all the difference when it comes to applying your natural skincare. Treat yourself to some R&R and pick up a Mud Mask for yourself. Enjoy!!

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