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Keep Rockin,’ Keep Derma Rollin’: The Benefits of Dermarolling and How-To Dermaroll at Home


Keep Rockin,’ Keep Derma Rollin’: The Benefits of Dermarolling and How-To Dermaroll at Home

If we told you that dermarolling, a form of microneedling, involves the use of a small skincare tool that contains hundreds of tiny needles, you’d probably run in the other direction before we’d finish explaining its design.

But by sharing the benefits of dermarolling and providing a simple, how-to guide for this popular skincare procedure, we’re almost certain you’ll be rockin’ and derma rollin’ in no time!

What is Dermarolling?

Simply put, dermarolling involves rolling (hence the name) a hand-held device comprised of needles across the face in slow and gentle horizontal, vertical, and diagonal movements. And not to worry, the pricking of this device will not send you into a deep, dark slumber like the pricking of a finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel would…

Instead, a dermaroller will help improve the way your skin looks and feels.

The Benefits of Dermarolling

Moving a dermaroller across your face creates microscopic wounds on the surface of your skin. These newly created wounds then signal to your skin that extra collagen and elastin is needed to help rebuild and repair what has been “injured.” These injuries in turn allow for better product penetration and boost ingredient absorption up to 90%, leaving behind a tighter and plumper complexion. And while in-clinic procedures can increase the benefits of dermarolling and yield quicker results, they tend to be more costly and can create undesirable side effects such as bleeding and pain, due to the more invasive, electronic dermapen that is typically used.

To learn if dermarolling is suitable for your skin type and skin needs, keep scrolling!

Is Dermarolling Suitable for Your Skin Type and Skin Needs?

Is your complexion dull and skin texture uneven? Do you wish to minimize the appearance of pores, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, and sunspots? Are you concerned about fine lines and wrinkles? Have acne scars become permanent residents on your skin? If you’re experiencing trouble in any of these areas, then a dermaroller is suitable for you. However, if your skin is hypersensitive, it’s recommended that you slowly integrate this type of treatment into your routine.

Is Dermarolling Safe for Your Skin?

Unwanted side effects can always accompany a new product or procedure but taking the necessary steps to prevent such is key. To avoid adverse reactions such as irritation, bruising, peeling, bleeding, and infection, ensure that your dermaroller is properly sanitized before and after each use and that you aren’t forceful when moving the device across your skin. It’s also important to note that the use of a dermaroller can worsen more chronic skin conditions such as rosacea, but if you’re still interested in trying this treatment, we recommend speaking to a dermatologist or medical professional first.

Now that you’ve learned what dermarolling is, its benefits, and if it’s suitable for your skin type and needs, it’s time to learn how to achieve facial-like results in the comfort of your own home!

How-To Dermaroll at Home

            Step One: Prep Your Skin

Choose your go-to facial cleanser and get to washin’! If you want to maximize your results, you can also apply a gentle chemical exfoliant. This will aid ingredient absorption when dermarolling, but it’s more of a preference than a necessity!

            Step Two: Choose Your Serum

Choosing which serum to apply to your skin pre and post dermaroll is just as important as the actual dermarolling process. Ingredient absorption is key during this treatment and incorporating serums with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid can increase collagen production and help smooth out fine lines, while firming, plumping, and hydrating the skin. If you’re searching for a serum showstopper, be sure to check out our Hyaluronic Acid Serum!

            Step Three: Use Your Dermaroller

Take your dermaroller and gently move the device twice across your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. You may also dermaroll your lips and neck. Apply a steady but light hand when doing these areas. And remember, how often you complete this treatment is dependent on your skin type and the length of your dermaroller’s needles. Longer needles require less frequency, so you may only need to dermaroll once per month. But dermarollers that are comprised of shorter needles can be used every other day. Need a derma rolling mate to microneedle with? We’ve got you covered! Shop our silver skincare sidekick here.

            Step Four: Apply Additional Serum

After rolling, apply a second layer of serum. We recommend giving your skin another taste of our hyaluronic heaven!

            Step Five: Sanitize Your Dermaroller

After each use, rinse your dermaroller with lukewarm water and sanitize it with rubbing alcohol. Make sure to store it in the original case it came in. And there ya have it, folks! We hope you’ve enjoyed learning all about the benefits of dermarolling and how you can achieve facial-like results in the comfort of your own home. Get ready to flaunt your most flawless face!

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