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Is Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate Good for Skin?

Is Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate Good for Skin?

That classic orange at the breakfast table is great and all, but which vitamin c ingredient is good for skin? Of course, consuming vitamin c-rich foods has its health benefits. Those benefits are much different from those that come with using Vitamin C in skin care. Vitamin C is a godsend when it comes to taking care of your complexion. It holds heaps of benefits and can be used in so many different ways. It is important to note, however, that Vitamin C is derived from many sources, and each derivative has its own characteristics such as sodium ascorbyl phosphate. This leaves us with the question “what is sodium ascorbyl phosphate?” or “is sodium ascorbyl phosphate good for skin?”

Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate

A powerful derivative of natural Vitamin C is sodium ascorbyl phosphate (we’ll call it SAP for short). SAP is a stable, water-soluble form of vitamin c, making it the perfect source of the vitamin to use for skincare. In fact, SAP is actually the natural derivative of vitamin C used in our very own Vitamin C Serum! Studies have shown that sodium ascorbyl phosphate is very safe to use topically on the skin, and is especially giving towards sensitive skin because it is a non-irritant. When applied topically in the form of a cream or serum, SAP is converted into vitamin c by chemicals within the skin.

SAP being water-soluble allows for the skin to absorb its benefits very efficiently. It is also a much longer-lasting ingredient as regular vitamin c is known to oxidize quickly. This means that the shelf life of your Vitamin C Serum depends on the type of vitamin c that is being used. Sodium ascorbyl phosphate also penetrates the skin much deeper than other ingredients. In other words, the benefits of Vitamin C skincare are the real deal!

Sodium ascorbyl phosphate works as an antioxidant for the skin and is best known for its power to brighten and balance uneven skin tone. Besides that, it is well known to be used for anti-aging, pigmentation reduction, antioxidative photodamage repair, and protection of the skin from free radicals. As if that wasn’t enough, SAP is amazing for balancing the collagen and elastin production of skin (hence it’s anti-aging properties). This balancing property of SAP works hard to reduce, and prevent wrinkles and fines lines, but most notable of all is SAP’s ability to treat acne.

Vitamin C Serum

If dealing with acne and you want to stay clear of those harsh synthetic treatments, products that contain sodium ascorbyl phosphate are your safer and natural alternative. SAP in skincare has shown to improve acne treatment, and to be extremely effective in preventing breakouts.

With regular use – Vitamin C skincare, the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to treat acne, pigmentation, unevenness, or just give your skin a boost! This all-powerful vitamin c derivative is the way to go. You really don’t want to miss out on this skincare gem. The daily use of a simple serum (like The Vitamin C Serum) or a Vitamin C moisturizer will do your skin no wrong!

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