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Is it Possible to Get a “Safe” Tan?

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Is it Possible to Get a “Safe” Tan?

Do you feel like winter attacked your skin and left you feeling a little dull? Same here. With the first long weekend of the summer quickly approaching, we’re anxious to be out in the sun and finally get that glorious glow back. BUT it’s no secret that UV rays can harm your skin in more ways than one, so we did some research to find out if there’s a way to ~safely~ glow up. Your skin can thank us later.

We’ll get right to the point here. Unfortunately, it’s unclear if truly safe UV exposure can ever be achieved. UV light from the sun or artificial light from a tanning salon can cause skin cancer and there’s just no way around it. If you refuse to give up your sun-worshipper title, consider a few tips for smart tanning that can make the process as safe as possible:


Sunscreen is an obvious must. Don’t forget to apply and reapply. Use that SPF and look fresh to death.

2. Understand your Tanning Time

Your skin will reach a point when it physically can’t produce any more melanin (the tanning pigment) so it’s pointless to lay in the sun all day. Understand your cut off point and avoid subjecting your skin to unnecessary UV damage.

3. Let Shade be your Friend

Taking breaks from the sun will reduce UV intensity and sunburn risk. This means your tan will actually be healthier and longer-lasting.

4. Fake it!

Faking your tan is the safest way to achieve your desired glow. It requires zero exposure to UV light and you have complete control over your desired color. If a spray tan isn’t your thing, take a look at some self-tanning products in stock at your local drug store.

An awesome way to get the most out of tanning lotions and sprays is to exfoliate the entire area before applying. Removing dead skin cells will ensure you’re applying an even layer of your tanner to fresh skin. This will help you avoid streaks and patches and it’ll even help your tan last longer. Check out our Arabica Coffee Scrub, an awesome full-body exfoliator that not only removes dead skin cells but leaves your skin feeling super fresh.

However, you choose to spend your time out in the sun – enjoy it! Don’t forget to treat your skin well!

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