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How Your Skin can Benefit from a Rose Quartz Roller

How Your Skin can Benefit from a Rose Quartz Roller

If you are looking for a sure way to elevate your inner and outer beauty, Rose Quartz Rollers are seen to have unique vibrational properties as well as energetic properties that are very helpful when it comes to our overall skin and body health.

This natural stone is commonly referred to as the “love stone” and is closely linked to the chakra of the human heart, promoting a sense of warmth, compassion, love, and peace.

Some benefits of adding a rose quartz roller to your skincare routine include:

  1. It Soothes Your Skin
    The vibration emitted by the rose quartz stone when rolled along your skin releases built-up tension within the skin while calming inflammation and encouraging the restoration of skin cells.
  2. The Stone Helps with Reducing Puffiness
    Rolling rose quartz along your skin can help dramatically with lymphatic drainage. This will help promote extra blood circulation underneath the first layer of skin. It also encourages oxygen to find its way deeper into layers of skin.
  3. Helps in the Fight Against Dark Circles
    While improving your skin’s elasticity, natural rose quartz stone can smooth out wrinkles while giving your complexion a brighter glow. It’s normally cool to the touch, which works to depuff and add extra colour/vibrancy to your skin.

How to Use It

There are two generic ways to use a skin roller: in an upward movement or in a downward movement. Each method is seen to have its own different benefits.

  • In an upward rolling movement, heavy stimulation of blood circulation occurs while the roller provides oxygen to the deeper layers of the skin.
  • In a gentler downward movement, the roller detoxifies the skin while providing lymphatic drainage.

Visit our shop today and see why Rose Quartz Rollers have become an integral part of today’s skincare routine

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