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How to Maintain Your Skin on the Go

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How to Maintain Your Skin on the Go

Can you believe it’s mid-August already? It feels like summer has come and gone quicker than ever, but lucky for us, we still have a few weeks of hot weather ahead (knock on wood!!). These next couple weeks is one of the most popular times for vacation; the weather’s typically beautiful, school’s still a few weeks away and somehow work seems to slow down a little bit – or is that just us?

We love a good vacation but even we find it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with a morning and night skincare routine when you’re away from home. We’ve put together some tips to help you maintain your skin on the go.

Combat Dryness

It’s super common for skin to dry up when traveling, especially if you’re flying. There are a couple of ways to combat this:

  • Prep your skin by using a hydrating mask a couple of days prior to travel
  • Bring a facial mist along with you for a regular and frequent burst of moisture
  • Consider taking along a thicker, winter moisturizer if you’re really prone to dryness

Consider Going Barefaced

Try applying as little makeup as possible, especially on travel days. The skin undergoes a ton of stress when traveling, so keeping it as clean as possible will prevent irritation, clogging and pores. If it’s feasible, try limiting your makeup for the entirety of your trip. Keeping skin clean on the outside helps to balance out those vacation indulgences that often irritate skin from the inside.

Protect Your Skin!!

If you’re planning on spending your vacation on a dock, a beach or a pool deck – don’t forget sunscreen!!! Not only will this help you avoid a nasty sunburn that will make the rest of your day uncomfortable, it will protect your skin from serious damage in the long run.

Make the First Night a Priority

If there’s any day you should remember your nighttime routine it should be on day one. Cleanse your face from all the pollutants that come from traveling and follow it up with your best moisturizer.

Stay Hydrated

This is always our number one skincare tip, but even more so when it comes to vacation. It’s so easy to swap a glass of water for a glass of wine, but that can do some serious harm to your skin! Making hydration a priority while vacationing is one of the easiest ways to keep your skin glowing.

We hope you all get to take some time off from your busy schedules as the summer winds down. Make the most of whatever time you get off, but make sure you don’t forget about your skin!! Hit us up on social media and let us know your favorite ways to maintain your skin on the go!

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