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How to Depuff Tired Eyes

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How to Depuff Tired Eyes

Happy Monday! Did you have a slow start this morning? It’s not uncommon to feel more tired than usual during the summer months. Nights are longer, activities are plenty and drinks seem to always be flowing. Enjoying your summer to the fullest is awesome, but sometimes it can leave you feeling (and looking) drained. We’re here to help you restore some life to your tired eyes so you can keep feeling fresh all summer long. You’re welcome!

There are plenty of techniques out there that claim to awaken puffy, tired eyes – here are a few quick ones:

Tea Bags

Tea bags contain caffeine which can help to constrict blood vessels in the eyes and reduce swelling. All you need to do is steep a couple of tea bags (we like green tea) for a few minutes, set aside to cool and then place your eyes for 5 minutes.


Placing cucumbers on your eyes is a classic spa technique that you’ve definitely heard of. The reason it became so popular is that cucumber is known to have mild skin lightening properties. This makes them great tools for reducing dark circles and to bring a glow to the skin. Some experts are now saying that potato slices are the new cucumbers because of their antioxidants like Vitamin C – we’ll let you be the judge!

Cold Spoons

Cold metal spoons are a classic method of reducing swelling in tired eyes. While we don’t feel it’s the most effective way of de-puffing, it does make a noticeable difference and it’s a great method to use when you’re in a pinch. Put a couple spoons in the freezer before you go to bed and you’ll be ready to go when you wake up!

Bonus Tip! Once you choose your preferred de-puffing technique, gently tap your fingers all over your face. Doing this helps promote lymphatic drainage and reducing puffiness in both your eyes and face.

While these tips are totally worth trying, it’s important to note that none of them will replace a good nights sleep, proper hydration, nutrition and skincare routine. So make sure to treat your body right and prioritize yourself when you start to feel run down.

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