‘Maskne’ 101: All You Need to Know About COVID-19 Mask Acne

‘Maskne’ 101: All You Need to Know About COVID-19 Mask Acne

There’s a new form of acne in town and it’s leaving many COVID-19 mask wearers feeling down. And while the summer sunshine often puts us in a serene state of mind, the current sizzling temperatures are worsening this current skincare struggle. So now that maskne’s here, we’re sharing tips on how to keep your skin clear. Learn more about this COVID-19 complexion conundrum and how to combat it below!

What is Maskne?

Heavy masks. Hot environment. Sounds like the ultimate breeding ground for bacteria.

Having a protective piece of equipment over your mouth can make it difficult to talk and breathe and to make matters worse, the increased humidity and facial friction that occurs from wearing a mask has the potential to break you out. The micro-tears in the skin caused by irritation then graciously pave the way for dirt and debris to enter your pores, which results in acne formation. Where your mask rests (on your nose, chin, and cheeks) is where you’ll likely see blackheads and whiteheads hanging out. And we don’t know about you, but we’re not looking for an invite to this dirt, oil, and sweat summer shindig. Whether you’re stuck in this problematic pimple party or just looking to avoid making it onto the guestlist, keep reading for our MOZ must-haves to help combat COVID-19 maskne!

MOZ Must-Haves to Fight Maskne

Hydrating Toner

Toner is a great add-on in any skincare routine and it’s especially important for those with acne-prone skin, as it helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and control sebum production, which we know leads to blackheads and blemishes. Get in the zone and tone with our refreshing Rose Water Toner, made with organic Moroccan rose water. Its gentle formula is free of parabens, GMOs, phthalates, mineral oil, petroleum, fragrances, and artificial colors, and won’t further aggravate acne! Our toner helps to tighten, cleanse, hydrate, and soften so the next time your skin is quenching some TLC, give it a lil’ spritz of this pore perfecting and redness reducing rose water!

Hydrating Serums

Dehydration can lead to breakouts, but these high strength serums are sure to moisturize and revitalize your skin. To help improve collagen production, fade age spots, reduce pore size, and fight acne, check out our Vitamin C Serum formulated with vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. Our Hyaluronic Acid Serum will also give you a dose of both vitamin C and E, while hydrating, clarifying, and balancing your skin. But if you’re looking to specifically target acne, we’ve got a serum for that too! Our balancing and soothing spotty skin superhero contains tea tree oil and salicylic acid, two ingredients that’ll help banish those breakouts. It also pairs perfectly with our hyaluronic acid serum.


Treat that stubborn maskne with either (or both) of our natural masks. Get down and dirty with our Charcoal Peel-Off Mask, which helps to remove oil and debris from pores and clear acne while tightening skin. But if peel-offs aren’t yo thang, smooth on our Dead Sea Musk to relieve redness, remove dead skin cells, absorb excess oil, and improve overall texture!


Hydrating serums are important, but so is a hydrating and softening moisturizer!

Our nutrient-rich Retinol Cream helps to improve skin tone, reduce the appearance of acne scarring and fine lines, and more! For best results, make sure to cleanse and exfoliate prior to applying. You’ve got the MOZ must-have products to fight maskne, but what about the masks to help prevent mask acne?!

COVID-19 Masks for Acne-Prone Skin

Regular, disposable surgical masks are best for those with acne-prone skin, as they are light and made of non-woven fabric, providing both protection and comfort. But if you’re on the search for masks that are stylish (but still safe), Old Navy currently offers variety packs (5 for $15 or 10 for $30) of triple-layer cloth face masks, which are trendy, breathable, washable, and made from 100% cotton!

The New Normal

Wearing face masks and other protective equipment has become a part of our lives and it’s a safety measure that’ll surely stay in place for quite some time. With that said, make caring for your mind, body, and now skin a priority. Remember friends: Cleanse and moisturize daily. Change your masks. Wash your hands. Socially distance. And most importantly, stay safe!

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