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All Natural Beard Oil Benefits

All Natural Beard Oil Benefits

There is arguably nothing worse in this world than an itchy, irritated beard. Many men can relate to the struggle of that persistent irritation when a beard reaches a certain length. There’s only so much that shampoo and conditioner can do… and the reality is, it doesn’t do enough. Introducing The Natural Beard Oil!

Why Beard Oil?

Beard maintenance and growth-focused products are somewhat new to the market. We’ve done our research on beard balms, mustache wax, and other variants, but alas have decided that beard oils are the most effective solution in protecting this sacred safe space.

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Shampoos & Conditioners Aren’t Enough:

These wash products might cure dandruff but they don’t promote hair growth or rid areas of irritation. In fact, shampoos strip hair follicles of natural oils resulting in potential breakage! Ever hear someone say, “It’s not good to shampoo your hair every day.” They might not be a doctor, and they might be annoying, but they are right! Our Pure Natural Beard Oil is designed to coat the hair shafts which in turn restores moisture and prevents breakage. In essence, it acts as a softener while maintaining hair strength.

Effective Moisturizer:

Natural Beard Oils act as a protective skincare product but also provide great hydration to the sometimes tough and rigid area. The oil is insistent on sealing in moisture and creating an effective barrier to external elements. Especially during colder seasons, this key feature is pivotal. Acting as a wash/conditioner; upon each use, hair follicles become coated and thus protect facial hair from dryness and dust! That’s right… dust!

Rids Dry Skin & Reduces Itchiness:

As mentioned above, there is nothing worse than an itchy beard! Take proper precautions and care for your beard just like it deserves. Application of Natural Beard Oil can protect the beard prior to inflammation but God forbid, if you are already in distress, the oil will do its job in suppressing discomfort. Beard Oil is notorious for protecting skin cells. It also is able to deter free radicals from reviving and try to damage the skin further!

Acne Control & Increased Beard Growth:

Acne tends to form when hair follicles are blocked. Facial hair and acne is a volatile mess. Prevent this simply by applying Natural Beard Oil. The facial oil will penetrate deep into hair follicles which helps clear out any blockage. Doing so increases the circulation of blood flow. This also helps hair grow faster than it would without an application.

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November or not, beards are sacred. It is your identity, your essence, and your manhood. If your mom, girlfriend or wife thinks your beard is a mess and is “unhealthy,” reassure them with results. Keep that beard looking sharp… with My Organic Zone’s Beard Oil.

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