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5 Underrated Summer Activities

Top Underrated Summer Activities for Mindfulness, Healthy Living, My Organic Zone

5 Underrated Summer Activities

The good weather is here (assuming you live in North America) so there is only 1 thing to do: spend your time outside! Living strictly indoors for 4 months of the year means you can’t and you won’t take Summer for granted. With your skin being more susceptible to damage with prolonged Sun exposure, be sure to lather on that sunscreen. Another forward-thinking idea is to consistently hydrate and exfoliate your sun tested skin. Our Retinol Moisturizer Cream and Arabica Coffee Scrub are up to the task! With 1% Active Retinol, My Organic Zone’s Retinol Cream is perfect to use as a daily moisturizer. A common question we hear is, “Is it bad for my skin if I apply the Retinol Cream and am exposed to the sun?” The answer is no! Since our Retinol has 1% Retinol, you are more than able to use our cream and not have to worry about it coming in contact with direct sunlight! We got you covered! If your skin does begin to peel; our Arabica Coffee Scrub (best applied in the shower) will exfoliate and speed up the regeneration of new fresh skin. Without further ado, here are 5 underrated FUN things to do outside this Summer!

1) Drive-In Movie

The list will shift to technology-less activities after this one, but who doesn’t like a Drive-In movie with the windows down, warm breezes and good vibes? This is a relatively cheap activity and can be a spontaneous event! Nothing like watching a movie with the stars right above your head.

2) Outdoor Go-Karting

If you’re sick and tired of traffic, this type of driving hopefully involves less of it. More fun with more friends, this competitive activity will have everyone engaged and healthy rivalries will form for the duration of the event. Not super expensive and is worth doing if you have never done so before 🙂

3) Picnics

A long since forgotten idea, making it worth mentioning. Go to a beautiful park in your city, by the water or even on your front lawn. The point is: go outside, save some money, bring your own food and definitely bring speakers 😉 We challenge you to leave your phone behind… but make sure you know the time and the place or else you will probably need it!

4) Scenic Bike Ride

We admit none of these ideas are “revolutionary” but Instagram has made us forget how fun things used to be when we didn’t feel the need to document our every move. You can still take photos of your bike adventures, but focus on the fresh air, the sun beaming down and the laughs you will have with your friends if you make this happen. Find a scenic route, strategically map where an ice cream shop is and get a healthy workout and a treat for afterward! This is so simple yet so beneficial for both your mental and physical health. Go ahead, take advantage of the warmer weather.

5) Outdoor Yoga

We guess you could probably call this “hot yoga.” As hot yoga advocates, we have to admit, we’ve never done yoga, outside. So we are also putting this on the to-do list. Yoga is so calming internally and with the added element of heat, it’s a darn good workout and challenge! This Summer, make sure to be good to your body and your mental health. Focus on breathing, focus on inner peace and relaxing. Easier said than done but you can thank us later if you take up this activity.

Don’t forget to keep your skin protected throughout the warmer months. Exfoliate! Moisturize! Use SPF! Even since it’s warm out, it doesn’t mean you should neglect your skincare routine! Take a look at our Arabica Coffee Scrub and Retinol Moisturizer Cream if you’re looking for an affordable way to keep your routine in check 🙂

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